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Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church
PO Box 445
Wabeno, Wisconsin  54566
Trinity Lutheran Church & Risen Savior Lutheran Church

This Week at Trinity and Risen Savior

WORSHIP THEME:  The Christian seeks spiritual wealth.

For nearly 1600 years God’s people on this day have prayed that God might give them true spiritual wealth. “Teach us always to ask according to your will that we may never fail to obtain the blessings you have promised.” What a magnificent prayer for the materialist world in which we live! Today we see that true spiritual wealth can only be found in God and his eternal blessings for us in Christ.

SERMON:    Romans 6:1-11
THEME:     The Christian faith one word at a time: Buried

Upcoming Events at Trinity and Risen Savior

Every Sunday starting JULY 20 - Bible Study after service at Trinity